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Political Betting

Did you know that you can place bets on more than just sporting events? Websites like will often have other specialty betting on entertainment events such as the Oscars and popular reality shows. In addition to that, you can also find sports betting.

Currently, Bovada has a few futures wagers available for upcoming presidential election. You can place the following bets online for the future POTUS:

Which party will win the 2016 U.S. Presidential election? Currently, the Democratic Party is -275 ($275 bet to win $100) while the Republican Party is +215 ($100 bet to win $215).

Democratic Presidential Nominee: Hillary Clinton -750; Bernie Sanders +450

Republican Presidential Nominee: Donald Trump -140; Ted Cruz +175; John Kasich +700

Next POTUS: Hillary Clinton -240; Donald Trump +475; Bernie Sanders +750, Ted Cruz +750, John Kasich +2500

The Democrats are heavily favored to win the election this year because of the current crop of candidates. Voter turnout is going to be the biggest factor in the elections. The higher the percentage of voter turnout, the more likely the Democrats are going to win. This is because the higher percentage of turnout directly translates to youth and minority voters which both lean more towards the Democratic Party.

In order for the Republicans to win, a couple of things have to happen. The first thing that can’t happen is Donald Trump winning the Republican Nomination. The Republicans are keenly aware of this because a large percentage of people will specifically go to the polls to vote against him in November.

The second thing that needs to happen is for there to be a permanent rift between Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton. She is in the precarious position of trying not to put off the youth voters while trying to secure the Democratic nomination. This will be more complicated the closer Bernie gets to Hillary in the delegate count. If Hillary’s win is seen to be handed to her in a close race, many of the youth voters may simply not turn up to vote.

Finally, the Republicans need to fairly beat Donald Trump and not go to a contested convention. If Trump doesn’t gain a majority of the delegates by the smallest of margins and the Republicans appear to play a stacked deck at the convention, Trump may run on his own as a third party, or at the very least his supports will feel like the process is rigged and won’t vote.


With all of that being said, we are looking at about a 75% chance at a Hillary Clinton presidency. Bernie Sanders is going to come up a bit short even if he sweeps the Western States, mainly because of an outdated Super Delegate structure to the primaries. Even with the loss of some of the youth vote, she will receive support from women and minorities who will vote en masse against Donald Trump, who will secure the Republican nomination.

The math of the delegates for each party is pretty straight forward. Both Hillary and Donald have enough of a lead that there should be very little doubt that either of them won’t be the nominee.

The math for the Electoral College seems fairly simple as well. Donald Trump will need do be almost perfect as far as swing states goes in order to barely win the general election. Odds are that won’t happen.

If the Republican party pulls a power play and snubs Trump, they could face a seismic shift in their party for years to come. They may want to win this election, but they should let Trump get hammered in the general election and have him bow out of politics before the GOP splits apart.

Online Slots Bonuses

The best real money slots sites offer a multitude of online slots bonuses such as initial deposit bonuses, Refer a Friend bonuses, reload bonuses, slots bonus rounds, slots-specific bonuses and VIP programs. Whenever you consider accepting bonuses from real money online slots sites, it’s advisable to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the bonus. This will reveal all of the pertinent online slots bonus details such as expiration periods, wagering requirements, maximum bonus values and stipulations for accepted game types, wagering and withdrawals.

Below is a list of the most common types of slots bonuses that you will find offered at online casinos:

Initial Deposit Slots Bonus

Initial deposit online slots bonus offers have become ubiquitous among most high quality online casinos. However, the value of these online slots bonuses can vary greatly from one casino to another. Initial deposit online slots bonuses are often also referred to as welcome bonuses or gambling signup bonuses.

Most online slots initial deposit bonuses feature two important terms, including the percentage of your first deposit that the casino will match and the maximum value of the bonus. The first figure dictates the efficiency of the bonus or the ratio of how much money you’ll receive as a bonus in relation to the amount of money you deposit. The second figure dictates the highest possible bonus regardless of how much you deposit.

To illustrate, let’s say that an initial deposit online slots bonus is worth 100% up to $700. In this case:

  • Depositing $300 will result in a $300 initial deposit bonus.
  • Depositing $700 will result in a $700 initial deposit bonus.
  • Depositing $701, $750, $2,000 or any amount above $700 will still result in a $700 initial deposit bonus.

You’ll usually be required to deposit a certain minimum value, such as $10 or $25, in order to receive initial deposit online slots bonuses.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Some of the best online slots sites offer Refer a Friend bonuses. This type of online slots bonus rewards you for convincing a friend to sign up at the site with which you’re currently registered. The bonus you receive might be commensurate with the amount that your friend initially deposits. More commonly, high quality slots sites simply offer a static bonus amount, such as $25 or $50, for each friend you refer. In many cases, an identical online slots bonus will be offered to your friend as well.

Reload Slots Bonus

The best slots sites also offer reload online slots bonuses, which are similar to initial deposit bonuses except for the fact that they’re awarded on later deposits. Usually, online slots reload bonuses are much smaller than initial deposit bonuses. You might receive a 10% to 15% bonus for depositing on a certain day or at a certain time, or you may get a similarly sized bonus for depositing with a particular banking method. Reload bonuses usually have maximum bonus values as well.

Slots Bonus Rounds

Some online slots games offer bonus rounds. If this is the case, you might qualify for the bonus round depending on the outcome of your initial spin. This bonus gives you the chance to receive additional credits beyond those won or lost in the original spin. The bonus round may consist of a free spin or choosing between a few different boxes, each of which contains a different amount of free credits.

Game-Specific Slots Bonus

Many online casinos offer slots-specific bonuses in which you’ll receive a relatively high bonus in exchange for the limitation that you can only wager the bonus dollars on slots games. This bonus might be offered in lieu of the initial deposit bonus or in addition to it. Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of these types of bonuses to determine exactly which slots games are available for wagering.

VIP Bonus

Many top gambling websites offer VIP programs. You’ll earn points for each slots spin depending on how much you wager, and the points are redeemable for cash and prizes.

The Big Game is Almost Here

That’s right sports fan, the Super Bowl is only days away and is nearly upon us. Peyton Manning and the underdog Denver Broncos against Cam Newton and the nearly unbeaten Carolina Panthers is coming this Sunday. Are you ready? If not, no worries, cause the Games Guide is here in case your not.

Not many folks are giving the Broncos a chance in this one and see this as being almost a sure thing the Panthers win. This super bowl site has Carolina favored by nearly a touchdown. I don’t want to take anything away from the Panthers, I mean they do have the best record and they do have the MVP, but so many times in recent Super Bowl history the team with the better defense has beaten the proverbial favorite.

For example lets take Super Bowl 48. Broncos vs Seahawks. Unstoppable offense vs the leagues best defense and the line was Denver -3. Final Score anyone? Seattle 43 Denver 8. I am not predicting anything like that happening this year, but like Seattle of 2014 Denver is the best defense this year.

Carolina almost had the perfect season this year. Do you remember the last very close unbeaten team making it to the superbowl? The perfect regular season of the Tom Brady led New England Patriots who put up 50 points against many teams and were all but handed the trophy by everyone. The line was Pats -12!!! Final score: N.Y. Giants 17 New England 14. And it was the Giants defensive front 4 that put unbelievable amounts of pressure all game long. They remind me a lot of the Denver front 4, and I would easily argue the secondary of the Broncos this year is much better than the Giants that year.

Would I be surprised if Carolina wins and covers the spread? No not at all. When I hear all the hype about the favorites being an easy winner, I just want to guide people into not making a huge mistake. Just remember the last 4 years not only has the underdog covered the spread, they have outright won the game too. Stay within your budget on this one.

Playing Online Casino Games in the United States

It’s been over two years since three states passed legislation for regulating online casino games such as blackjack, slots, and roulette. The three states, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, have yet to inspire other states to follow suit and create similar bills that would regulate these real money games in their jurisdiction.

The federal government still has a blanket amendment to a port security act called the UIGEA which calls for the stop to unlawful internet gambling, yet the federal government never stated what does and what doesn’t meet the requirement of unlawful internet gambling. Many have stated that this is code for “games of chance”.

However, even games like poker, which clearly is not a game of chance, have been affected by this piece of federal legislation. The main effect was that the banks and credit card companies will no longer process payments for these kinds of activities over the internet.

Many thought that usa online gambling would eventually be a reality on a state-by-state basis. But, this hasn’t been the case. Only a handful of states have even written up preliminary bills to be presented to the state congress.

One reason that this is the case is that the amount of tax revenue generated by the three states to legalize and regulate online gambling hasn’t been as much as initially expected. Another reason is that online gambling is a relatively small issue nationally compared to others such as national security, legalized cannabis, immigration and other issues that are deemed more important.

On top of that, this is a lame duck election year when pretty much nothing of value gets done historically. So, if you want to gamble on casino games online and you aren’t from one of those 3 states, you still have to go to the offshore gambling operators that accept real money players.

Who still accepts deposits from American casino players?

There are a lot of online casinos that still accept real money players from the US. However, you have to be careful which ones you deposit with these days. Many of the online casinos that made up the old guard have either closed shop, are having problems with payment processes, or have gone rogue and have lots of customer complaints.

You will want to make sure that you read actual customer reviews from casino sites that aren’t trying to push you towards one of these problem casinos.

Here are a couple of things to look for in an online casino in 2016:

Does the website offer insane welcome bonuses? This is a sign that they need new customers in order to keep their doors open. All casinos are going to want to draw in new customers. However, not all casinos need a constant supply of new customers to keep the ball rolling. You have to be careful with the terms and condition of the bonuses as well. A good online casino will offer a modest bonus and will also offer weekly deposit bonuses and other incentives to keep you around.

Is the casino less than a year old? A lot of online casino operators will change names or close and open new casinos to try to ditch a brand name with a bad reputation. It’s best to stay away from upstarts unless they have the financial backing to make it for the long haul. Even once proud online casinos with 10+ years of service have fallen because of a myriad of reasons including lack of payment processors and delayed payments to players.

Does the casino also offer sports betting and poker? The websites that seem to do the best are the all-in-one gambling sites. These places tend to focus on sports betting and they also tend to have better customer service.

These are just a few things to think about if you plan on playing casino games for real money in the near future.

Almost everyone knows how to play Texas Hold'em these days. By now, you should be pretty familiar with this game. However, there are several different types of stud poker games that many people do not know how to play. Games like 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Hilo, 5 Card Stud, Razz Poker and Caribbean Stud have been around for a while and you can make money from any of these games if you learn them.

Sports Gambling Sites

Across the globe, more people bet more on sports than in any other form of gambling. As a result, there are many sports gambling sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, depending on what country you live in, the legality of online sports betting will vary.

Online Sports Gambling – Before You Begin

If you decide to participate in sports gambling online for real money, you’ll want a website that will give you all of the necessary statistics, predictions, general information and anything else you may need to know about placing bets and wagers on sports. Once you decide that you want to start placing bets, you should do so through reliable and legitimate online sports gambling sites.

Sometimes sports gambling sites are referred to as sportsbooks, bookmakers, or betting sites.

When you’re investing money into gambling on sports you want to make sure you’re working with a trustworthy online gambling site. Many of the best online gambling sites are so respected that they are often a trusted source of information for such sports powerhouses as Fox Sports and ESPN.
Quality sports gambling sites almost always also offer online casino games, poker rooms, and horse racing.

You can sometimes tell if a sports gambling site is legitimate by how long it has been around. Many online sports gambling websites have been around for over ten years, with some of the originals dating all the way back to 1994.

You should also be aware that although many offshore sports gambling betting sites are licensed in Costa Rica, they heavily target their efforts toward the American market.

Payment Options At Online Sports Gambling Sites

The majority of online sports gambling websites will accept a variety of different payment options. Major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are accepted at almost all places, as are Echecks, Moneybookers, or NETeller.

Top-quality customer service will include a self-help page or FAQ section on their sports gambling website, as well as customer service representatives who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email or phone. Emails should be responded to within one to two hours, but if you wish to speak with someone directly and are not near a phone, look for live chat options. See a list of all sports betting deposit options here.

Online Sports Gambling Websites Software Options

Software providers will vary between online sports gambling sites, but one that is top-notch will be user-friendly while still using the latest and most sophisticated online gaming options available.

Many sports gambling websites now offer mobile options where you can check your betting history, team statistics, betting trends and even top ten bets from your phone.

Most sports betting sites will offer a variety of sports to bet on. Some of the more popular ones will likely be baseball, basketball, boxing, hockey, football, tennis, golf and car racing.

This means that many different sporting event markets will be covered, including the MLB, NBA, NHL, Nascar and NFL. Betting limits will most likely be different depending what sport you’re placing the wager on, especially if you bet on sports wagers, but many sportsbooks will allow players to earn up to $100,000 per week.

How To Wager Real Money At Sports Betting Sites

Making your first wager on a sporting event is simple. First, you will need to sign up for an account at one of the best sports betting sites if you have not already done so. Making a real money wager means you will need to fund your account as well. The sports betting site will have a selection of deposit methods to choose from. With money in your account, you may begin to make wagers on upcoming sporting events.

The sporting events and betting lines available at the top sports betting sites will vary depending on the sportsbook. Most online betting sites will carry the basic sports like horse racing, professional league sports and so on. You can access a particular sport or simply make bets and wagers on a list of upcoming events for most popular sports world wide.

A basic sports bet is made over the outcome of a particular event, such as what team will win, which horse will come in first place, which player will win and so on. More specialized wagers are also available. These include parlay bets, which are multiple event bets or special live betting wagers on things like which team will get the next penalty or which player will score the next goal.

Online Sports Betting Tips

The most important tip you should keep in mind about sports gambling online is to have fun and always bet with your head. If placing real money bets on sports is no longer fun for you, you shouldn’t waste your time or your money on it. If you’re lucky enough to win your bet, always take the money and try not to start betting it right away.

When you’re choosing the sports betting gambling site that’s right for you, only sign up for ones that you feel have exceptional customer service skills, payment methods that will work for you and betting opportunities for your most favorite sports.

If you can, do your best to limit your selections and the number of bets you take. When you make too many wagers at one time, you’re automatically betting against higher odds. This also mean avoiding bets on old favorites and outsiders.

To strengthen your sports betting odds, be sure to look for likely winners with value lines because they are the ones that will make you the most money in the long run. Another good bet to place is a Futures bet.

Before you begin making this kind of bet, though, make sure you have at least some knowledge about the actual sport you’re betting on. Straight Bets will usually give you the quickest win at sports gambling sites.