NFL Handicapping Strategies

Here’s five easy NFL handicapping strategies that you can use to maximize profits and enjoyment when you bet on upcoming football games. These tips are fundamental to any success you can have as a sports bettor. Handicapping NFL games is more difficult than it looks. Compare those Vegas sportsbooks to the average life style of any “professional gambler”. You need to knowledgeable, gather a lot of information, and have plenty of discipline to win when you bet on pro football.


Don’t pay for information. Pay for analysis of the information.
In the old days NFL handicapping services used to claim that they had “inside info” on games that no one else knew about. Sports handicappers rarely have any extra information that is not available to the general public. The good handicappers have done the hours of research and hard work to find the info and the best handicappers, like us, have also analyzed that information to draw a conclusion as to how the game will unfold.

The internet makes all of this readily available, and you shouldn’t ever pay for stats or trends. Go to any major sports website and do your own research? Why would you pay some expert handicapper to tell you the match ups and stats that you can find for free. It doesn’t make any sense. Now most casual NFL bettors who bet for recreation don’t have the time to spend days looking at stats and interpreting their meaning. That’s why legitimate sports handicapping services exist, offering expertise at a reasonable price, but never selling you something that does not exist.

Don’t put too much stock into NFL injuries
NFL handicappers and analysts tend to overestimate the importance of a single injury to a key player. Those guys on the bench can turn out to be stars in their own right and many is the time that the injured starter never regains his spot on the team. Furthermore, pro football is a team sport and one or two injuries can be absorbed without influencing future results. When injuries occur to one team regularly in great numbers it will debilitate that team, but by then the line has taken it into consideration. Don’t get lured into a steam bet because of one key injury before a game.

Trust your gut when you are getting ready to bet
NFL handicapping is an art as much as a science. For all the stats, computer modelling systems, and number-crunching, your gut instinct has to be respected. There will be lucky streaks and bad beats, and ultimately there will be teams that you have a good handle on and teams that you can never seem to win with when you bet on them. We can’t explain it with logic and reason, but it is true. Find the teams that behave as you expect them to behave, whether they win a lot or lose a lot, and bet them all the way!

Position yourself to be able to win
Find a trustworthy guide to help you with NFL handicapping. We spend an ungodly amount of time studying pro sports and betting pro sports so that you don’t have to – utilize the resources we offer to our subscribers. Then, find several online sportsbooks that are reliable and solid, and open accounts with them. It is far easier to find a good line on the Internet, usually with high limits, good customer service, and fast payouts. Don’t win a bet with a online bookie and never see your profits.

Also, don’t blindly rely on any one NFL handicapper – use us as a guide but have your own opinions. Watch the games and read up on the sport, become a part-time student of the game. Never bet beyond your means, and heed those warning signs (if it stops feeling like fun and starts feeling like an addiction….that kind of thing).

Set a bankroll and use money management techniques
More NFL games are around the corner, and like you we’re itching to handicap the games and then bet on them. But, we also have a finite bankroll, and we want that bankroll to grow consistently. We’re not looking for a big score, and we’re not prepared to deal with a huge loss, and neither should you. NFL handicapping is a waste of time without a disciplined money management system.

Never risk more than 5% of your bankroll on a single pick, and it is a good idea to risk only that amount on any one week in the NFL season. Let’s say you are willing to bet $100 on a high-value play (perhaps it is a 2 team parlay), then make sure you never spend more than $250 on a single TOP PICK play. Your limits should always fall within this type of 1:2.5 ratio (with 2.5 times the base being the highest amount you will risk).

If you are looking for a online betting site, you should look at the options that are available for you at I hope this advice helps you to have a wonderful, fun, and profitable season handicapping and betting the NFL!

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