Fantasy Sports Gambling Sites

It may be time for superbowl betting online, but real money fantasy sports sites are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional online bookmakers. At a fantasy sports site, members can draft a fantasy team and then wager money against other members. The person whose team scores the most fantasy points wins the prize. Members can wager heads up against one another or participate in group contests with bigger prize pools.

At traditional gambling sites with sports betting, the bettors simply pick a team and place a wager on that team. In fantasy sports betting, things work a little differently. Each person who is participating chooses a fantasy team just like in normal fantasy sports leagues. Each person gets a certain amount of money (the salary cap) to choose the best team possible.

Fantasy sports betting can occur during a single game or it can be spread across an entire season. Fans of traditional sports betting often choose the single game option because wagers are resolved as soon as the game has completed. Season-long wagers are also available, though, just like in regular fantasy sports leagues.

Top Rated Online Fantasy Sports Websites

There are currently two fantasy sports sites that we like the most. These sites both operate from within the United States and have already proven themselves to be safe, reputable organizations. If you’re interested in giving fantasy sports betting a try, we recommend the following sites:


These are currently the two best real money fantasy sports sites in operation. Both places have their own advantages, so check them both out. Many people even like to keep accounts open at both sites in order to have more game selection and to take advantage of promotions at both sites.

Just like traditional sports betting sites, these fantasy sites also offer signup bonuses to new players. All you have to do is sign up for an account and make a deposit. Do that and you’ll receive a generous welcome bonus as a “thank you” for signing up and playing.

Are Fantasy Sports Sites Legal?

Yes. Real money fantasy sports betting is considered a contest of skill, not pure gambling. The ability to pick players and create teams introduces enough skill into the game that it is legally defined as a skill game. So even if you live in the United States, you don’t have to worry about some federal agent shutting the site down and freezing your money for months on end.

We personally believe that all sports betting should be legal, but the reality of the situation is that normal sports betting sites are not looked upon favorably by the US government. These fantasy sports sites, on the other hand, are given a free pass. So sign up and wager all you want.

If you are an experienced sports bettor already, your skills should translate over nicely to fantasy sports betting. Yes, the idea is a little different than simply picking a side, but the process of picking winning teams still involves research, an understanding of statistics and so on. As real money fantasy sports and betting sites continue to grow in size, it will only become easier to turn a profit online.

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