College Football Betting

Some of the most exciting times for me every year are college football Saturdays. How can you not like a full slate of games that run the gambit from noon eastern time until the end of the day? Sometimes we will even get a late night Hawaii game to continue the action into the next day. So many betting opportunities exist on a college football Saturday that it leaves your head swimming as you place your bets. I’ll take a look at the many options you have when betting college football and try and provide some tips for making each college football Saturday more profitable.

Sometimes when betting on college football during a busy Saturday it is a good idea to divide your day into sections. What I mean by that is to give yourself more than one chance to make money during the day. Usually you have a bunch of early games, a full slate of mid-day games and a lot of night games. This gives you three different opportunities to make money on a college football Saturday.

Normally during the course of the week your handicapping will lead you to quite a few plays for the day. Instead of playing all the games, select a top few from each of your three time slots. If you do well early, you can be careful late. If you have trouble early, you can bail out in one of the other two spots. This type of strategy gives you really three different days built into one. It can be a big part of your wagering strategy as you prepare for those busy college football Saturdays.

Basic Betting Tips

As we prepare to bet college football on Saturdays we need to keep in mind some basic betting tips. The first thing to remember is that we have a large number of games to choose from so we don’t have to play just the television games. The payoff is the same for Michigan – Notre Dame as it is for Akron – Bowling Green.

If we have to play the big marquee game then let’s look to go against the public. If the line has moved all week on Notre Dame then we are better off taking Michigan. We get the best of the number and we are going against the public in a high profile game. Those are usually recipes for success.

Let’s say we are a little bit pressed for time on a busy college football Saturday. What are our best options? Let’s start by taking the power. What I mean by that is, let’s take the teams that we know are very good. If I am pressed for time I want my bet to be on a good team I know can score, and has big time ability. If I have to give points so be it. At least I can do so with some confidence. The best scenario is to have our handicapping done in advance, but in those instances that we are rushed, let’s look to take the dominant team.

College Football vs the NFL

When betting college football I am much more likely to lay the points than say if I were doing some Bodog NFL betting. College teams are much more likely to run up the score and to pile on the points. The NFL is much more competitive and rarely will teams just roll over. I am much more inclined to lay those 20 or 30 points in college football with a power team than lay a TD in the ultra competitive NFL.

Another big factor in college football handicapping is motivation. College teams are very big on emotions, rivalries, and revenge. These factors are much more likely to have an effect on college players than the pros. Another factor in addition to motivation is the QB play. In college football a good QB usually means the team will be strong.

In college football the drop off is so great that a very good QB against an average or weak QB is a huge edge and something we need to look to exploit when betting college football. It is very difficult for teams to overcome bad QB play in college football. On the flip side it is a huge edge when a QB plays well and we have that team. And don’t just look at the stats. Look at how the QB leads his team. Some QB’s have nice stats but throw too many interceptions. Others have marginal stats but don’t make mistakes. I like the QB that does not make mistakes. If I have a bet, I don’t want my QB losing the game for me. Keep the QB in mind when betting college football.

Betting Totals

One final area I will touch on with college football betting is totals. Usually most sportsbooks put up totals on just the television games. The totals are something you might want to consider if you are looking at having to play a TV game. Most bettors still like to play the over so normally you will get a little value out of playing the under.

Concentrate on totals especially when the weather is bad. It is much more difficult for college football teams to make up for difficult conditions than it is in the NFL. That does not always mean the game is a sure under. College teams make more mistakes and rainy conditions lead to turnovers. The under is usually a better bet when conditions are windy and cold. In high profile games I am more inclined to bet the under just because the public is probably going to take the over.

When betting college football remember to take advantage of the full betting card. Break your day into sessions and make it a very profitable day. As always, when you get that gut feeling, go with it.

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