The Big Game is Almost Here

That’s right sports fan, the Super Bowl is only days away and is nearly upon us. Peyton Manning and the underdog Denver Broncos against Cam Newton and the nearly unbeaten Carolina Panthers is coming this Sunday. Are you ready? If not, no worries, cause the Games Guide is here in case your not.

Not many folks are giving the Broncos a chance in this one and see this as being almost a sure thing the Panthers win. This super bowl site has Carolina favored by nearly a touchdown. I don’t want to take anything away from the Panthers, I mean they do have the best record and they do have the MVP, but so many times in recent Super Bowl history the team with the better defense has beaten the proverbial favorite.

For example lets take Super Bowl 48. Broncos vs Seahawks. Unstoppable offense vs the leagues best defense and the line was Denver -3. Final Score anyone? Seattle 43 Denver 8. I am not predicting anything like that happening this year, but like Seattle of 2014 Denver is the best defense this year.

Carolina almost had the perfect season this year. Do you remember the last very close unbeaten team making it to the superbowl? The perfect regular season of the Tom Brady led New England Patriots who put up 50 points against many teams and were all but handed the trophy by everyone. The line was Pats -12!!! Final score: N.Y. Giants 17 New England 14. And it was the Giants defensive front 4 that put unbelievable amounts of pressure all game long. They remind me a lot of the Denver front 4, and I would easily argue the secondary of the Broncos this year is much better than the Giants that year.

Would I be surprised if Carolina wins and covers the spread? No not at all. When I hear all the hype about the favorites being an easy winner, I just want to guide people into not making a huge mistake. Just remember the last 4 years not only has the underdog covered the spread, they have outright won the game too. Stay within your budget on this one.

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