Different Types of Online Poker Games

Most poker players will only ever play one or two poker games when they play in an online poker room. Texas Holdem is easily the most popular poker game that’s played by basically everyone in the world.

With the exception of Texas Holdem, the next most played poker game in the world is Omaha / Omaha Hi/Lo. Quite a few poker players will only play these poker games, but there are plenty of other poker games that can be played in the top online poker rooms.

List of Online Poker Games

  • texas-holdemTexas Holdem is the most popular poker game in the world and is played by millions of poker players in every country around the world. If you’re going to be a poker player in today’s industry you’re going to need to master Texas Holdem.

  • omaha-pokerOmaha / Omaha Hi/Lo Poker are two popular poker games available in most online poker rooms. Most Omaha poker games use pot limit betting rules and the pots can become massive due to each player at the table having 4 cards.

  • 7-card-stud7 Card Stud / 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo are only available in poker rooms with lots of player traffic. These two poker games aren’t that popular amongst online poker players, but they can still be fun to play. If you master these games, you can make money off of the beginners that are trying to wing it like they are still playing Texas Holdem.

  • 5-card-poker5 Card Stud / 5 Card Draw can both be played at the top online poker rooms including Carbon Poker. Many old school poker players still enjoy playing these two popular poker games that have been around for a long time.

  • HORSE / HOSE/ HA are three mixed poker games that are perfect to play in online poker rooms. The mixed poker games keep your sessions fresh and more entertaining than playing a single poker game for hours on end.

  • Badugi is a popular poker game in Korea and other parts of Asia, but the game has also become more popular across the world due to the biggest online poker rooms spreading Badugi poker games.

  • Razz is another fun online poker game where the objective is to try and have the lowest possible hand. Razz isn’t widely available yet in online poker rooms, but there are a couple poker sites that spread Razz poker.

The best poker rooms for playing a wide selection of poker games are PokerStars and Carbon Poker. You’ll find over a dozen poker games at each of the poker sites and both poker rooms also have excellent traffic levels.

badugi-pokerIn order to spread a lot of poker games a poker room needs to have diversified traffic to fill-up the poker tables. There aren’t many poker players looking to play a poker game like Badugi, but since Carbon Poker is one of the only poker rooms to spread Badugi the tables are active.

Badugi is a four card version of triple draw and lowball poker. The object is to have four different ranked cards of four different suits. This is called a Badugi. You will have a chance to draw three times (hence triple draw) with the object of getting the hand shown on the right.

The lowest Badugi at the end of the showdown wins; if no player has Badugi, then one card in the pair or same suit is not counted and the best three or two card hand wins.

While Texas Holdem and Omaha are two poker games that every poker player should learn how to play well, you also need to learn how to play other poker games in order to have the best success possible online. The more games you know how to play well the easier it will be for you to find weak games with soft competition.

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