Sun Poker $250,000 Double Up Tournament Race

Do you like to play poker online? If you love online poker tournaments than SunPoker has got a special tournament race for you (sorry, no US players). During the month of February, you can double up and win your share of a enormous $250,000 total prize pool.

Just enter any of the SunPoker Double Up tournaments which can be found in their tournament lobby. Double Up tournaments play 50% of the players an equal share of the prize pool. That means if you can beat half of the field you can double up!

The Sun Poker $250,000 Double Up Tournament Race will consist of four weekly tournament leaderboards. These four leaderboards will allow you to jump into the action at anytime this month. They work by rating you based on the amount of double up tournaments played as well as your performance in these tournaments.

Here is the prize chart for each Weekly Leaderboard:


There are also other prizes to be won as well including $9,095 per week in Monthly Million Tournament token (17 tokens given per week/$535 per token). This tournament will be held on a yet to be determined date in March. Total weekly prizes in the amount of $58,765 will be given out during the month of February in addition to the Weekly Leaderboard prizes.

SunPoker Signup Promotion

New players to SunPoker are eligible to receive an up to $500 New Player Bonus on your first deposit. As with most poker signup bonuses, you will not receive this money immediately but it will be earned through playing at SunPoker. The bonus money will be given to you $5 at a time.

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