Recognizing good combinations

poker-bluffThe key to poker is being able to recognize what is a good combination in the five cards laid out and what is not. This is obviously within Texas Hold’em poker, as it is different in other versions. But in general, the main concept of poker is based on whether or not you have a good hand.

If you can bluff well then this is not very important, but after a while players from will start to notice if you are bluffing when you do not have a good hand, so it is also important to start recognizing the signs of what will win based on the cards that you have and what will not. Without this you cannot make an informed decision on what best to do, and you will start to fail a lot more.

As such, if you can have a good idea of whether or not you stand a good chance of winning based on cards alone, you can start to capitalize on this more. If you know that you have a good hand capable of winning, then you can begin to bet high. On the other hand if you have a poor hand, then you may know it is best to fold and save your money.

Poker Strategy

As well as this though, you can start to make assumptions about what your opponents have. This is done simply by recognizing simple combos within the five cards on the table – if there are streaks of numbers within them, then you can probably assume that someone will have a straight at some point – if you will not get the straight, you may want to fold. On the other hand you may be able to win – sets of straight numbers on the table limit what you can get in the form of a straight, and if you have cards that allow you to get the highest value then you will probably win.

You can also use this to your advantage by bluffing. If people have started to notice that there is a high chance of someone having the cards for a flush or a straight, start to make them think that you have those cards, even when you don’t. Start to bet big to try and make them fold, as this can let you win overall even if you have nothing in your hands.

As this is really the objective of poker – to win, even if you don’t have a good hand. How? By making people think that you have a good hand, regardless of the actual truth. This is what is really good about poker and can make it really fun, the simple fact that you can use wit and analysis to win every game, as well as probability and a certain element of chance.
No matter how clever you are you cannot win every game due to the inherent luck factor within it, but at the same time you can come pretty close if you know what you are doing.

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