How to Play Strip Poker Made Easy


Everybody knows that poker is one of the most popular and exciting games both live and online.

Perhaps, everybody wants to play poker not only for fun but for the handsome reward after every game.

But what if you’re sick and tired of playing plain poker and you want something to wake up those tired nerves? Well, you better try playing Strip poker.

Although there’s a negative connotation to this game, if you see it in a different perspective, strip poker is not that bad, and you’ll definitely enjoy poker but with an exciting twist.

All about Strip Poker

We cannot actually depict the exact origins of Strip Poker. Although some would say that strip poker began during the fifties, sixties and seventies. The game started amongst college students, preferably from a group of female poker players, who in exchange for money, would take of their clothing. Some people would say that strip poker is one of the first versions of the classic poker but the variant was not taken seriously.

The question is “why do many poker players love to play strip poker?” There may be two main reasons why players love this game. The first one is because of entertainment reasons.

Strip poker is usually held in parties but not to the point of being naked. Strip poker usually involves the influence of alcohol among friends. The second one is because of sexual intentions. But let’s not linger on that issue. Strip poker can also be viewed as a source of fun and excitement, adding more spice to the game.

How to Play Strip Poker?

Strip poker is considered as fun game exclusively for adults. Instead of using money as form of bet, the players use their own clothing.

Players who are allowed to play strip poker should include people in the mid-age, lovers, or people with wide perspective since the game involves taking off clothes and showing skins. All the players of strip poker should be comfortable with the rules of the game so that no one can spoil the fun.

In playing strip poker, all you need to do is choose a poker variant you want to play (e.g. Texas Hold’em or five-card draw). Instead of money, players wager their own clothing to stay in hand. If a player loses, he/she is obliged to take off his/her clothes. You’ll also need to decide how much will each part of clothing article is worth.

For instance, you can consider one piece of sock as a one bet and a piece of shirt is worth two bets. If a person is stripped down and declaring that he/she is out the game, then the game is over!

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