How to Play Omaha Hi Lo Poker

fulltiltpoker-omaha-hiloEvery game needs a strategy where money is involved. Strategies for playing a particular game are the most important thing one should have to win. Nobody wants to lose money playing poker, but a lot of people have no idea how to win money play Omaha Hi Lo.

Omaha Hi Lo involves more math than Texas Holdem when it comes to your odds of winning a hand. A lot of people simply guess that there hand is good and can be completed easily if the right card comes. Some people don’t know how the “Lo” hand comes into play. Trying to play Omaha Hi Lo without this knowledge is like playing against someone who doesn’t understand why they have lost.

These strategies will help an Omaha hi-lo poker player to win most of their games:

Omaha Hi Lo Basics

Each player is dealt four cards. Out of these four cards, you must use two and only two of them when making your hand. For example, if you see 7-8-9-J on the board and you have a 10 in your hand, you do not necessarily have a straight. You must also have one more card in his hand to complete the straight.

The same is true for flushes. Having four clubs in your starting hand would kind of suck, because you would still need to get three more clubs for the flush. If you have one of each suit (rainbow), then you have zero chance of making a flush. If you have two sets of two cards suited (two clubs and two hearts), then you are said to be Double Suited.

Another hand you might get that isn’t as good as it sounds is two pairs. You can only use one of them.

After a round of betting, the dealer shows the flop, as well as the fourth card and the river. Just like in Texas Holdem, a round of betting happens after each card.

The board, and in particular the flop, is of major importance when if comes to Omaha Hi Lo. The Lo hand can only be achieved, or win half the hand, if three of the cards on the board are valued at 8 or less. This means three different cards 8 or under, like 8-5-3.

When the low hand is in play, the best hand is usually going to be A-2, because the ace is low in Omaha Hi Lo. If a two is on the board, then the best hand will be A-3. You don’t want to make a pair when qualifying for the low hand.

The Hi hand is won by the traditional winner of the poker hand with the best five cards. As stated before, you must use two and only two of your four cards to make your hand.

Winning Strategies:

If you are going to play this poker game, you will need to have a good Omaha hi/lo strategy first.

  1. Wrap hands:
    It is very important to understand wrap hands as this is an important part of a strategy in Omaha hi-lo. A wrap hand is one that has four connectors like 2-3-4-5.

    Double suited wrap hands are very important because they weigh more than single suited hands of the same value.

    The health of these cards is in the straights that can be made using such cards. The strongest wrap hand is J-T-9-8 double suited. Here the value of a straight hand is very important as it can be beaten by card combination of (K high, ace high and Q high flushes).

  2. omaha-hi-lo-starting-hand

  3. Ranking:
    Wrap hands such as 6-5-4-3 are not good Omaha hands because ranking is a very important part of all poker games. A hand’s strength should be measured by the relative strength of the resultant hand and not by the hand’s value.

    If some body fails to estimate the value of a hand he might lose up and one should fold the weaker hands. Practice makes one perfect so all players should practice and try to learn the game in a better manner.

  4. Ace-Ace combination:
    If a person has a strong starting hand then he can easily win the game. A strong hand can be an ace-ace combination which helps anybody to win huge. One should always keep in mind that if he has a dry ace combination which means that a person has two aces in a hand with two low cards then it is very hard for that person top make a straight or a flush.

    The only chance of winning this hand is to have a single opponent with no pair of aces. If one owns an ace pair and two other high cards such as an A-A-Q-K then that person should try to get as much profit as possible because this is the strongest hand prior to the flop.

  5. Strategy with pairs of K and Q:
    A person should play aggressively if he owns pairs of high cards such as (K-K-Q-Q). This hand should be played in the same way as pair of aces with high cards is played because they are very good for winning Omaha.

  6. Use of trickery:
    The most important strategy of winning any gambling game is bluffing. If one has a very bad hand and he is not able to win with that hand he should try to bluff and try to cheat people by showing that he have a better hand than his opponent.

    The same goes for a person with a really nice hand such as pairs of aces and Ks. He should try to cheat by proving that he has a bad hand and always keep your opponent in two minds to win big.

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