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Guide to Playing Online Poker in the US

May 2, 2014

In the past few years, online poker has taken a hit in popularity. The luster of hitting pay dirt has faded from the eyes of most casual American players since the feds came and took the legs out from under the major poker sites. However, there has been some recent resurgence with a couple of […]

Top tips for picking an online gaming site

July 9, 2012

Not all online poker sites are created equal. There is a huge gap between those and the top and those at the bottom with dozens treading water in the middle. The best sites offer lucrative incentives, attractive rewards, a safe and secure playing environment and piece of mind. The worst are not even real poker […]

Tactics for learning poker

June 6, 2012

If you have never played poker at any point in the past, then playing for the first time can be quite difficult. There are many different rules which you need to consider, but in the long run it is not so much about knowing the rules, but getting your tactics right. Obviously a basic understanding […]

Recognizing good combinations

May 25, 2012

The key to poker is being able to recognize what is a good combination in the five cards laid out and what is not. This is obviously within Texas Hold’em poker, as it is different in other versions. But in general, the main concept of poker is based on whether or not you have a […]

Different Types of Online Poker Games

January 25, 2012

Most poker players will only ever play one or two poker games when they play in an online poker room. Texas Holdem is easily the most popular poker game that’s played by basically everyone in the world. With the exception of Texas Holdem, the next most played poker game in the world is Omaha / […]