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Online Slots and the Progressive Jackpots

Anyone thinking about playing the online slots will want to really consider following through. There are a lot of great things about playing slot machines online.

Players will be able to enjoy much more conveniences and freedom when they play online. Also, they can get in on some very impressive progressive jackpots.

When players first go online to enjoy the slot machines, they want to be sure they choose an online casino that has a good selection of them. They also want to take a look and make sure they are going to be able to be able to enjoy some good progressive jackpots that are known for getting large. Online reviews are helpful when it comes to finding online casino known for progressive jackpots.

How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

A progressive slots jackpot is one which will take a small percentage of all of the money wagered on it and add it to the jackpot.

Many of the online casinos will have a progressive jackpot which is linked to several slot machines, and even several online casinos. This means that these progressive jackpots can get really large.

Many of the online casinos will have a real time ticker which will update and show the progressive jackpot growing in size. Players will be amazed by how much money gets added to the progressive jackpots and how quickly they increase in size. Some of the progressive jackpots grow to be in the millions.

When players are playing on one of the slot machines that have a progressive jackpot they will want to be sure that they bet the max so they don’t miss out on winning that huge jackpot. They will also want to be sure that they read all of the instructions and information regarding both the slot machine they have chosen to play and the progressive jackpot.

This is due to the fact that the slot machines are different and they will want to know exactly how the one they are on works and what they need to do to win. Some of the progressive jackpots do require players to get a winning combination in order to win them. However, others can be won at random and this adds to the element of surprise.

Players will find that the online slots games come in many different styles. The progressive jackpots can be found in many styles as well. This means that each player who is interested in playing a slot machine with a progressive jackpot should be able to locate one in a style they will enjoy on an online casino that also fits what it is that they are looking for.

While all of the online slot machines provide players with plenty of excitement, there is nothing like playing on one which offers players the chance to win that large progressive jackpot. This gives the player even more of a reason to look forward to logging into their account and playing those exciting online slot machine games.

Examples of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Here is one of the online slots that has a progressive jackpot over $100,000. You can play this game for real money at the casino.


jackpot-iconThis progressive slot is called Shopping Spree. It currently has a progressive jackpot over $140,000. Winning this progressive jackpot isn’t easy. In order to be eligible to win, you will have to use the Bet Max button (or press the Bet One button 5 times). The jackpot is triggered when the Ring symbol (shown on the right) lands on all 5 reels and all 5 symbols are on 1 of the 9 paylines.

Each payline costs 25¢ if you only bet one. If you bet max, each payline will cost $1.25. If you bet all 9 paylines, the wager on the spin will be $11.25. This can get pretty expensive quickly. However, you can also win money on the reels with other symbols as well.

In order to win money on a payline, you must receive matching symbols on a payline that begins on the left (1st) reel and continues to the right.

The next most valuable symbol to receive is the Pearls, followed by the Purse and the Shoe. These icons will pay out if you receive 2 of them on a payline. The Perfume and Flowers will require 3 matching symbols on a payline, while the Lipstick symbol requires 4 matching symbols.

There are also two bonus features that can be activated. If you receive three Cash symbols anywhere on the reels, you will receive a Big Money Scatter Bonus. This can win you up to 360 credits (45 credits for Bet Max with 9 Paylines). There is also the Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round. You will activate this feature if you receive three of the Mystery Grab Bag symbols on the screen. You can win up to 4000 credits when you activate this feature.

Fantasy Sports Gambling Sites

It may be time for superbowl betting online, but real money fantasy sports sites are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional online bookmakers. At a fantasy sports site, members can draft a fantasy team and then wager money against other members. The person whose team scores the most fantasy points wins the prize. Members can wager heads up against one another or participate in group contests with bigger prize pools.

At traditional gambling sites with sports betting, the bettors simply pick a team and place a wager on that team. In fantasy sports betting, things work a little differently. Each person who is participating chooses a fantasy team just like in normal fantasy sports leagues. Each person gets a certain amount of money (the salary cap) to choose the best team possible.

Fantasy sports betting can occur during a single game or it can be spread across an entire season. Fans of traditional sports betting often choose the single game option because wagers are resolved as soon as the game has completed. Season-long wagers are also available, though, just like in regular fantasy sports leagues.

Top Rated Online Fantasy Sports Websites

There are currently two fantasy sports sites that we like the most. These sites both operate from within the United States and have already proven themselves to be safe, reputable organizations. If you’re interested in giving fantasy sports betting a try, we recommend the following sites:


These are currently the two best real money fantasy sports sites in operation. Both places have their own advantages, so check them both out. Many people even like to keep accounts open at both sites in order to have more game selection and to take advantage of promotions at both sites.

Just like traditional sports betting sites, these fantasy sites also offer signup bonuses to new players. All you have to do is sign up for an account and make a deposit. Do that and you’ll receive a generous welcome bonus as a “thank you” for signing up and playing.

Are Fantasy Sports Sites Legal?

Yes. Real money fantasy sports betting is considered a contest of skill, not pure gambling. The ability to pick players and create teams introduces enough skill into the game that it is legally defined as a skill game. So even if you live in the United States, you don’t have to worry about some federal agent shutting the site down and freezing your money for months on end.

We personally believe that all sports betting should be legal, but the reality of the situation is that normal sports betting sites are not looked upon favorably by the US government. These fantasy sports sites, on the other hand, are given a free pass. So sign up and wager all you want.

If you are an experienced sports bettor already, your skills should translate over nicely to fantasy sports betting. Yes, the idea is a little different than simply picking a side, but the process of picking winning teams still involves research, an understanding of statistics and so on. As real money fantasy sports and betting sites continue to grow in size, it will only become easier to turn a profit online.

Vegas 3 Card Rummy

Vegas 3 Card Rummy plays with a standard 52 card deck and the lowest score wins.  First you and the dealer are given three cards, except your cards are face up and the dealer’s are face down.  The player takes a looks are his cards and if they look good (like low value cards), and he thinks there’s a good chance that the value of his hand is lower than that of the dealer, he’ll raise with a bet amount equal to his ante.  Regardless of what the player’s hand is, if the dealer’s hand is over 20 points, the player keeps his raise, and wins even money on his original bet.


 In this game, an Ace equals one point.  Cards 2 through 10 are counted as face value.  Jacks, Queens, and Kings are ten points.  If you get anything like a pair, triple, or a two- or three-card suited run, they’re worth nothing…which is good!

Just like any good casino game, there is a Bonus Bet!  If the player’s hand equals 12 points or less, the player wins the Bonus Bet, regardless of what the dealer has.

I gotta say, I really like the online table games. There’s just something about the cards being dealt and the sound of the chips.  Anyway, I really enjoyed playing Vegas 3 Card Rummy.  I’m glad to know that the site I use for slots has this great game, too.  It was super fun and easy.  The only thing complicated to me was just trying to figure out what I was saying with each bet.   Like, I’m raising because I think the dealer has over 20, or I think the dealer has under 20, but my cards will be lower than his.

The payouts correspond to just how low your hand really is.  If you were able to score zero points with a hand, you get paid 4:1.  A hand that scored 1-5 points is paid 2:1.  Hands worth 6-19 points are paid 1:1.  If you manage an A, 2, 3 suited run, you earn a bonus bet and get paid 100:1!  According to the bonus bet, regardless of how you did against the dealer, if you have a zero-sum hand, you get paid 25:1.  1-6 is 2:1, 7:10 is 1:1, and 11-12 is 4:1.  This can get a little confusing so, as you can see in the picture above, there’s a little chart that shows what you bet and what you won on your ante, bonus, and raise.  It shows this for each individual hand.

It’s really easy to play this game online.  You choose what you want to bet from your chips, and then click “Deal”.  If you think you can win, you click “Raise”, if you don’t think you have a chance, you click “Fold”.  After that hand, you can click “Rebet”, which will bet the amount of your last ante, and will deal the cards automatically.

If you think this sounds like something you might be into, go to and check it out.  Maybe do a practice play or two then take advantage of the $1,000 table bonus!  The offer is actually a 100% match on any deposit up to $500.  You can do this twice per coupon code.  If you Deposit twice at $500 each, they’ll match you twice at $500 each, enabling you to play with an extra $1,000 risk free!  There is a rollover requirement of 40X.  But, don’t take my word for it; check out the great bonus and its terms and conditions before you play Vegas 3 Card Rummy.  You’ll be glad you did.

Placing Wagers on NFL Games

nfl-betting-onlineThe NFL has completed one week of the regular season and sports betting is getting hot right now. The first week saw a lot of people lose to the sportsbooks by making one critical mistake. These people all forgot that any NFL team can play well on any week and you shouldn’t always bet on the favorites.

There were no less than 6 games where the favorites were heavily bet on (at least 75% of the overall wagers placed) and lost. The worst one of these was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers losing outright to the New York Jets. Over 95% of the wagers were placed on Tampa to beat the -3.5 point spread.

There are a couple of basic things that the sports bettors should keep in mind when they are placing their wagers. First, I’ve never met a winning gambler that strictly bets on favorites to beat the spread. Underdogs were 9-7 in the week 1. 3 out of the 4 teams that were favored by a TD or more didn’t cover. Most people lost on wagers placed on all 3 of those games because those three underdogs (Buffalo, Oakland and Tennessee) were talked down to the point where everyone expected these games to be blowouts.

Second, watch how people are betting at the bookmakers. Some sportsbooks will make this information available and others will not. Find the ones that do and you can use that information to make some basic judgements about how people are betting overall. The key thing to look for is a game that is being heavily bet on one way. If the spread or line doesn’t move, this is a big clue that the oddsmakers aren’t budging from that prediction.

The New England Patriots were a great example of this. About 90% of wagers were placed on New England. The point spread opened at -9.5 in favor of the Pats. Even with 90% of the bets on them, the line dropped to -9 points instead of getting bet up. That’s a red flag. Either someone placed a huge bet on the underdog or the oddsmakers knew Buffalo would play better than the analysts expected.

Finally, when you are shopping lines, remember the following: Place bets on the favorites early in the week. Place bet on the underdog a little before the game starts. A lot of gamblers place bets on the favorites. You will get the best odds early when the line opens if you think the favorite will win. The other gamblers will usually bet up the spread or line as time goes by. There will be more value for bets on the underdogs within an hour or two of the start of the game.

Don’t wait too long, however. Bookmakers can adjust the line again if too many people bet the underdog before the start of the game. Usually, about 1 to 2 hours before the start of the game is the best time to place an underdog bet.

Shopping Lines

When it comes to NFL betting odds, different sports betting sites will offer different lines. Shopping lines is the best way to give yourself the most value. I’ll give you a practical example of this for the upcoming week.

Thursday Night – New York Jets at New England Patriots. This game opened with the Pats as a 12.5 point favorite. Here is what the various sportsbooks are offering right now. – Jets +13 (-125) at Patriots -13 (+105) – Jets +13 (-130) at Patriots -13 (+110) – Jets +12.5 (-110) at Patriots -12.5 (-110) – Jets +12 (-115) at Patriots -12 (-105) – Jets +11 (-110) at Patriots -11 (-110)
SportsInteraction – Jets +12 (-110) at Patriots -12 (-110)

The spread ranges between +11 and +13 right now. The line for the Jets ranges between -110 and -130. The line for the Pats ranges from +110 to -110.

Now personally, this is a game that I would avoid. The Jets are getting more bets right now because 1) they won their first game 2) the spread is really high for an NFL game and 3) because several key Patriots are hurt (Amendola and Vereen are both out).

However, if you were going to bet on the Jets, you have to ask yourself whether the spread or line matters more to you. If you are more concerned about the spread, pick Bovada to place your bet. If the line is more important, pick TopBet to place your bet.

The same thing holds true for the Patriots. If you care about the spread, pick JustBet. If you care about the line, pick 5Dimes.

Upset Alerts for Week 2

Using the information above, here is the favorite picks that you will want to consider really hard before placing a bet on them.

San Diego Chargers at Philadelphia Eagles (-7.5) – 85% of bets on the Eagles
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (-7) – over 90% of bets on the Ravens
Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts (-3) – 75% of bets on the Colts
St Louis Rams at Atlanta Falcons (-7) – over 90% of bets on the Falcons
New Orleans Saints (-3.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – over 90% of bets on the Saints
Detroit Lions (-2) at Arizona Cardinals – over 90% of bets on the Lions
Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders (-6) – 85% of bets on the Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (-7) – 75% of bets on the Bengals

Watch the point spreads on these matchups, if the spread does not increase, you should really think about betting on the underdog.

Here are the two most tempting games that you should watch out for: New Orleans at Tampa Bay and Detroit at Arizona. I think Arizona will win at home and I’ll pick Tampa to lose but cover.

Roulette Betting Strategies

Betting strategies, in my opinion, don’t exist so that you can beat the odds.  They exist so that you can manage your wins and losses, walking away from the game without having lost your shirt.  I think they are most helpful from a psychological perspective to keep you from getting swept away in a betting frenzy, risking more than you intended.  They are useful in regard to self-discipline and preparedness, just like forethought and planning help in any of life’s situations.  This is especially true with the high-house edge game of Roulette.  You can play Roulette at nearly any online casino.  It’s fun and simple and addictive.  Here are a few of the Roulette betting strategies I’ve heard over the years.

First there’s the human element of the game in which the dealer’s habits can benefit you.  Bodies have muscle memory and we can become ingrained in the way we do things.  Just like everybody has a distinctive walk, you may come upon a dealer who releases the ball in such a way that favors certain numbers.  This strategy requires you to sit and watch for some time before placing a bet so you can establish what those numbers are.

There’s another advantage that can be gained from watching and waiting and that is when the wheel itself shows a bias.  If there’s even a slight discrepancy with the perfection of the wheel, you may notice a certain number or area of the wheel that hits more often than others.  Consider yourself lucky if you can 1) notice the bias, because that means you are an incredibly patient and perceptive individual, and 2) come across a wheel like this at all, because it is truly not the norm.  In a physical casino, wheels are inspected regularly as they’re not in the business of losing money, so they’re always in tip top shape.  In an online casino, there is no such concern as the wheel is actually a computer program designed to hit numbers randomly.

Another watch-type strategy that doesn’t require nearly as much patience is when you’re playing a Roulette game that shows the last 12 or 18 numbers that hit.  If there is a number in the list that appears twice or more, some players choose that as a number on which to bet.  Yet another watching strategy is to play the numbers that a winning player is using.  Maybe they know something you don’t.

One betting strategy that has been around for a long time is the Martingale method.  Utilizing this method, you would double your bet after each loss.  How the math plays out with this is that by the time you win, you are back to your original bankroll with perhaps a small profit, and then start at your original betting level again.  Here are some problems with that method:  1) even if you start at $5, you may exceed the table maximum limits early on in your betting prohibiting you from ever reaching the point where a win makes up for everything you’ve lost thus far.  2) it’s not a great risk/reward situation.  How would you feel wagering $640 to compensate for the $635 in previous losses?

If you like betting a lot of money for very little reward, like in the Martingale method, you’ll probably love the Grand Martingale method.  Instead of betting double after a loss, you bet double plus another chip.  If you have $10 chips, and you just lost after betting $40, your next wager would be $90 (the $40 bet doubled + 1 $10 chip). This has the same table maximum limitations that the Martingale method has, and you can lose money even faster.

The one I like best is called the Cancellation method.  It’s not nearly as risky as the Martingale system, and it requires enough math and calculations so that you can keep your wits about you while gambling.  In the Cancellation method, a player starts with a couple numbers, say 4 and 5.  You add them together to determine your starting bet (in this case $9) on an even money wager.  If you win, you eliminate (or “cancel”) those numbers and pick two new numbers to add together to determine your starting bet.  If you lose, you add the number of your starting bet (9) onto the tail end of the initial numbers you chose (4 and 5), giving you a sequence of numbers that looks like this:  4 5 9.  To determine how much you bid on the next spin of the wheel, you add the numbers on either end of the sequence together.  4+9=13.  If you win the spin on which you bet $13, you cross off the outside numbers (4 and 13) so your next bet is $5.  If you win on the $5 bet, you’ve profited the amount of your starting bet ($9).