Vegas 3 Card Rummy

Vegas 3 Card Rummy plays with a standard 52 card deck and the lowest score wins.  First you and the dealer are given three cards, except your cards are face up and the dealer’s are face down.  The player takes a looks are his cards and if they look good (like low value cards), and he thinks there’s a good chance that the value of his hand is lower than that of the dealer, he’ll raise with a bet amount equal to his ante.  Regardless of what the player’s hand is, if the dealer’s hand is over 20 points, the player keeps his raise, and wins even money on his original bet.


 In this game, an Ace equals one point.  Cards 2 through 10 are counted as face value.  Jacks, Queens, and Kings are ten points.  If you get anything like a pair, triple, or a two- or three-card suited run, they’re worth nothing…which is good!

Just like any good casino game, there is a Bonus Bet!  If the player’s hand equals 12 points or less, the player wins the Bonus Bet, regardless of what the dealer has.

I gotta say, I really like the online table games. There’s just something about the cards being dealt and the sound of the chips.  Anyway, I really enjoyed playing Vegas 3 Card Rummy.  I’m glad to know that the site I use for slots has this great game, too.  It was super fun and easy.  The only thing complicated to me was just trying to figure out what I was saying with each bet.   Like, I’m raising because I think the dealer has over 20, or I think the dealer has under 20, but my cards will be lower than his.

The payouts correspond to just how low your hand really is.  If you were able to score zero points with a hand, you get paid 4:1.  A hand that scored 1-5 points is paid 2:1.  Hands worth 6-19 points are paid 1:1.  If you manage an A, 2, 3 suited run, you earn a bonus bet and get paid 100:1!  According to the bonus bet, regardless of how you did against the dealer, if you have a zero-sum hand, you get paid 25:1.  1-6 is 2:1, 7:10 is 1:1, and 11-12 is 4:1.  This can get a little confusing so, as you can see in the picture above, there’s a little chart that shows what you bet and what you won on your ante, bonus, and raise.  It shows this for each individual hand.

It’s really easy to play this game online.  You choose what you want to bet from your chips, and then click “Deal”.  If you think you can win, you click “Raise”, if you don’t think you have a chance, you click “Fold”.  After that hand, you can click “Rebet”, which will bet the amount of your last ante, and will deal the cards automatically.

If you think this sounds like something you might be into, go to and check it out.  Maybe do a practice play or two then take advantage of the $1,000 table bonus!  The offer is actually a 100% match on any deposit up to $500.  You can do this twice per coupon code.  If you Deposit twice at $500 each, they’ll match you twice at $500 each, enabling you to play with an extra $1,000 risk free!  There is a rollover requirement of 40X.  But, don’t take my word for it; check out the great bonus and its terms and conditions before you play Vegas 3 Card Rummy.  You’ll be glad you did.

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