Roulette Betting Strategies

Betting strategies, in my opinion, don’t exist so that you can beat the odds.  They exist so that you can manage your wins and losses, walking away from the game without having lost your shirt.  I think they are most helpful from a psychological perspective to keep you from getting swept away in a betting frenzy, risking more than you intended.  They are useful in regard to self-discipline and preparedness, just like forethought and planning help in any of life’s situations.  This is especially true with the high-house edge game of Roulette.  You can play Roulette at nearly any online casino.  It’s fun and simple and addictive.  Here are a few of the Roulette betting strategies I’ve heard over the years.

First there’s the human element of the game in which the dealer’s habits can benefit you.  Bodies have muscle memory and we can become ingrained in the way we do things.  Just like everybody has a distinctive walk, you may come upon a dealer who releases the ball in such a way that favors certain numbers.  This strategy requires you to sit and watch for some time before placing a bet so you can establish what those numbers are.

There’s another advantage that can be gained from watching and waiting and that is when the wheel itself shows a bias.  If there’s even a slight discrepancy with the perfection of the wheel, you may notice a certain number or area of the wheel that hits more often than others.  Consider yourself lucky if you can 1) notice the bias, because that means you are an incredibly patient and perceptive individual, and 2) come across a wheel like this at all, because it is truly not the norm.  In a physical casino, wheels are inspected regularly as they’re not in the business of losing money, so they’re always in tip top shape.  In an online casino, there is no such concern as the wheel is actually a computer program designed to hit numbers randomly.

Another watch-type strategy that doesn’t require nearly as much patience is when you’re playing a Roulette game that shows the last 12 or 18 numbers that hit.  If there is a number in the list that appears twice or more, some players choose that as a number on which to bet.  Yet another watching strategy is to play the numbers that a winning player is using.  Maybe they know something you don’t.

One betting strategy that has been around for a long time is the Martingale method.  Utilizing this method, you would double your bet after each loss.  How the math plays out with this is that by the time you win, you are back to your original bankroll with perhaps a small profit, and then start at your original betting level again.  Here are some problems with that method:  1) even if you start at $5, you may exceed the table maximum limits early on in your betting prohibiting you from ever reaching the point where a win makes up for everything you’ve lost thus far.  2) it’s not a great risk/reward situation.  How would you feel wagering $640 to compensate for the $635 in previous losses?

If you like betting a lot of money for very little reward, like in the Martingale method, you’ll probably love the Grand Martingale method.  Instead of betting double after a loss, you bet double plus another chip.  If you have $10 chips, and you just lost after betting $40, your next wager would be $90 (the $40 bet doubled + 1 $10 chip). This has the same table maximum limitations that the Martingale method has, and you can lose money even faster.

The one I like best is called the Cancellation method.  It’s not nearly as risky as the Martingale system, and it requires enough math and calculations so that you can keep your wits about you while gambling.  In the Cancellation method, a player starts with a couple numbers, say 4 and 5.  You add them together to determine your starting bet (in this case $9) on an even money wager.  If you win, you eliminate (or “cancel”) those numbers and pick two new numbers to add together to determine your starting bet.  If you lose, you add the number of your starting bet (9) onto the tail end of the initial numbers you chose (4 and 5), giving you a sequence of numbers that looks like this:  4 5 9.  To determine how much you bid on the next spin of the wheel, you add the numbers on either end of the sequence together.  4+9=13.  If you win the spin on which you bet $13, you cross off the outside numbers (4 and 13) so your next bet is $5.  If you win on the $5 bet, you’ve profited the amount of your starting bet ($9).

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