Online Slots and the Progressive Jackpots

Anyone thinking about playing the online slots will want to really consider following through. There are a lot of great things about playing slot machines online.

Players will be able to enjoy much more conveniences and freedom when they play online. Also, they can get in on some very impressive progressive jackpots.

When players first go online to enjoy the slot machines, they want to be sure they choose an online casino that has a good selection of them. They also want to take a look and make sure they are going to be able to be able to enjoy some good progressive jackpots that are known for getting large. Online reviews are helpful when it comes to finding online casino known for progressive jackpots.

How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

A progressive slots jackpot is one which will take a small percentage of all of the money wagered on it and add it to the jackpot.

Many of the online casinos will have a progressive jackpot which is linked to several slot machines, and even several online casinos. This means that these progressive jackpots can get really large.

Many of the online casinos will have a real time ticker which will update and show the progressive jackpot growing in size. Players will be amazed by how much money gets added to the progressive jackpots and how quickly they increase in size. Some of the progressive jackpots grow to be in the millions.

When players are playing on one of the slot machines that have a progressive jackpot they will want to be sure that they bet the max so they don’t miss out on winning that huge jackpot. They will also want to be sure that they read all of the instructions and information regarding both the slot machine they have chosen to play and the progressive jackpot.

This is due to the fact that the slot machines are different and they will want to know exactly how the one they are on works and what they need to do to win. Some of the progressive jackpots do require players to get a winning combination in order to win them. However, others can be won at random and this adds to the element of surprise.

Players will find that the online slots games come in many different styles. The progressive jackpots can be found in many styles as well. This means that each player who is interested in playing a slot machine with a progressive jackpot should be able to locate one in a style they will enjoy on an online casino that also fits what it is that they are looking for.

While all of the online slot machines provide players with plenty of excitement, there is nothing like playing on one which offers players the chance to win that large progressive jackpot. This gives the player even more of a reason to look forward to logging into their account and playing those exciting online slot machine games.

Examples of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Here is one of the online slots that has a progressive jackpot over $100,000. You can play this game for real money at the casino.


jackpot-iconThis progressive slot is called Shopping Spree. It currently has a progressive jackpot over $140,000. Winning this progressive jackpot isn’t easy. In order to be eligible to win, you will have to use the Bet Max button (or press the Bet One button 5 times). The jackpot is triggered when the Ring symbol (shown on the right) lands on all 5 reels and all 5 symbols are on 1 of the 9 paylines.

Each payline costs 25¢ if you only bet one. If you bet max, each payline will cost $1.25. If you bet all 9 paylines, the wager on the spin will be $11.25. This can get pretty expensive quickly. However, you can also win money on the reels with other symbols as well.

In order to win money on a payline, you must receive matching symbols on a payline that begins on the left (1st) reel and continues to the right.

The next most valuable symbol to receive is the Pearls, followed by the Purse and the Shoe. These icons will pay out if you receive 2 of them on a payline. The Perfume and Flowers will require 3 matching symbols on a payline, while the Lipstick symbol requires 4 matching symbols.

There are also two bonus features that can be activated. If you receive three Cash symbols anywhere on the reels, you will receive a Big Money Scatter Bonus. This can win you up to 360 credits (45 credits for Bet Max with 9 Paylines). There is also the Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round. You will activate this feature if you receive three of the Mystery Grab Bag symbols on the screen. You can win up to 4000 credits when you activate this feature.

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